Brian Photograph


In my art, which reflects a conceptual approach to ceramic materials and processes, I strive to do the unthinkable -- to abandon the familiar. The long tradition of ceramic art is hard to ignore. I believe it can teach us much by showing us where we once were and where we are now. Looking back will point out how change and progression are the methods by which we arrived at the present, and ultimately guide us boldly into the future. But, to keep with tradition would be to keep with normality and forgo possible innovation. I want to break the boundaries of ceramic art. By breaking these boundaries I can expand the definition of ceramics that is held stagnant in peoples' minds. I like to go new places and try new things. This will most certainly bring new fascination and affirm fresh experiences and ideas. I am intrigued by the unknown. I have no fear of traveling into unexplored realms in order to find new and stunning phenomena. I find sustenance in the black, for this region has greater potential for maintaining the interest of the observer.

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